BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange

2008 The Bitcoin White Paper was published

2009 The first Bitcoin was officially mined

The rest is history in the making

Will you be a part of the future?

BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange

Welcome to BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange

Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange is a cryptocurrency cashpoint where you can BUY/SELL Bitcoin in Nigeria within minutes. BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange services are directly provided by Bila Group, and backed by Dunawi Group. BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange’s services, provided by Bila Group, will provide education, buy/sell functions, and proof of funds delivered using the Bitcoin Blockchain. You can feel safe and secure that your Bitcoin has been safely delivered to your Bitcoin wallet upon purchasing it.

Here at BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange we strive to onboard as many global citizens to the new decentralized economic system built on the Bitcoin Blockchain. We believe the future of money is peer-to-peer trustless transactions using Bitcoin, which does not rely on trusting a 3rd party to allow/verify transactions. With Bitcoin, you don’t have to trust, you simply verify using

3 Easy steps to purchasing Bitcoin with BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Wallet

Download a Bitcoin digital wallet to your mobile

You will need to arrive with a Bitcoin wallet downloaded to your phone or provide a QR code address to where you wish to receive the Bitcoin you will be purchasing

Buy/Sell Bitcoin

Place a BUY or SELL order with BIDEX in exchange for cash

We ask for a minimum BUY or SELL order of ~38,000NGN – Naira (Approx. $100USD)

There will be a ~3.5% transaction fee for BUY/SELL orders

Blockchain Tech

Proof of funds delivered can be provided by the Blockchain

You can feel safe and secure that your funds will be received as provides a fully transparent transaction history of all Bitcoin transactions


Flexible BTC/$ Limits

You can buy and sell large or small amounts of Bitcoin. You shouldn’t be limited in how much or how little you can trade. The current market conditions should be your only concern when making investment decisions defined by your risk level. That’s why we don’t limit the size of your orders. Our trading desk will assist you in your Bitcoin purchase from start to finish.

Security of Data and Funds

Security is a very crucial area in the Bitcoin industry. Our offices provide high-security standards which are greatly appreciated by our customers. Any sensitive information you provide is treated with the utmost care and concern. We respect privacy as a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency movement and strive to extend this value to everything we do.

Competitive Pricing

With small commissions, we offer Bitcoin from our trusted International network in order to deliver to our customers. You get competitive prices along with all the assistance you need to make yourself a HODLer in the most exciting world of Bitcoin. We know that cryptocurrency is the future and that’s why we keep our commissions low so that the low fees can get passed along to our customers.

What can you do with Bitcoin?


Most consumers are keeping their Bitcoin as a Store of Value (SOV) to hedge against losses in fiat currencies due to inflation and over-printing. As Bitcoin becomes more and more accepted as a method of payment and a store of value, the demand for it will increase and its price will increase along with it. With 211,000+ places to purchase Bitcoin globally, Bitcoin may also become the world’s next global reserve currency. You can store your Bitcoin on a private wallet or on other types of wallet for future use.


Bidex also offers an OTC option which helps customers to sell Bitcoin for cash quickly and easily. You will want to do this when you want to cash out your Bitcoin you have purchased or if you need the cash equivalent of your Bitcoin. You might also want to sell your Bitcoin if it has lost a lot of value and you think it might lose more. Exercising the patience of continuing to hold even while a market is down is often rewarded with the value of Bitcoin rising significantly.


More and more companies provide options to users to pay with Bitcoin for traveling, purchasing gift cards, have a meal at restaurants and more. There are even debit cards linked to your Bitcoin wallet that allow you to spend your Bitcoin just like cash. This gives you easy access to your funds and gives you the option to simply spend your Bitcoin on everyday items as you see fit. Direct acceptance of Bitcoin is always growing and we see it continuing to grow throughout this decade.


If you already have some amount Bitcoin on your private wallet, you can convert it to your choice of other cryptocurrencies. There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies, all with different functions and capabilities. Converting your Bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency can open up a vast array of investment possibilities. You must do your own due diligence for the thousands of Altcoins, as most of them will become failed projects that cause you to lose your investment.


In contrast to sending money abroad using banks, Bitcoin can be sent almost instantly to anyone in the world with lower fees than with fiat money. If you deal with a lot of different currencies in your region, it can be advantageous to use Bitcoin as the conversion fees are minimal and if any fees are involved in the transaction, they are generally much lower than that of traditional financial services using fiat currencies.


Donate Bitcoin to organizations such as that distributes donations to people who are in need. There are many less fortunate people in the world, many of whom don’t have access to basic financial services. Services like empowers people by giving them access to Bitcoin funds that they can convert to their local currency or use as-is to buy goods that they need. Many communities are creating greater value to their society by creating a circular Bitcoin economy.

BIDEX Bitcoin Exchange – Bringing you into the decentralized economy!

A collaboration between Dunawi Group, USA, and Bila Group, Nigeria

Dustin Watchman
Twitter @dustinwatchman


For inquiries contact:

Livinus Anekwe

Wisdom Estate, Trade More Rd Opposite VON, Lugbe Airport Rd Abuja, Nigeria
+234 803 971 0735
+234 812 898 4132

Centralidade Do
Lossambo Quadra 23
Casa No 10 Huambo
+244 946 092 311

Livinus Izuchukwu Anekwe
Twitter @Bil_Anekwe


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